"Fresh White" is a hit song by Moon Man. It is the 4th track on his debut studio album WhiteTopia.

Background Edit

This song, along with a few others from the album, have had their instrumentals and acapellas released. The orginial song is a remix of "N 2 Gether Now" by Nu-Metal band "Limp Bizkit". A remix of the song appears as the 12th track on WhiteTopia.

Lyrics Edit


Who can beat the Moon

You're about to soon find out

What a real nigger-killing Moon can do

It ain't about hitting that poon

It's about sending this message

That people can reflect on

When a nigger turns their neighbourhood into a wreckage

So take a hint from this lesson I be spreading to you

Like browns on a Negro

From a Smith n' Wesson

You made a nigger your president

And now you all ignore

That niggers are less intelligent

Fucking spear chuckers

I swear to God

I'll last every last one of the melon suckers

So shut the fuck up

And back the fuck up

While MoonMan fucks this track up

(KKK for life, ya'll motherfuckers here say, yo)

I'll put a nigger in the ground

Without a sound

I'm the notorious MoonMan

Fresh without no bounds

This cracker Moon is about to cap a nigger like Zimmerman

Oh is that too soon?

I don't give a fuck

Because all of you minorities are fresh out of luck

When MoonMan steps up

And before you negros ask me

"Yo, what's up?"

Your fucking brains bitch

Because I got myself a trigger finger itch

Sometimes at night I pray

That I get to cap another nigger in the face

But hey that's just me

And racist is pretty much my identity

So before you fucking pussies be asking me

Why I'm all racist and shit

Please remember that it was the Moon

Who told you to suck my dick

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