Malcolm "Moon Man" Tonight is an American rapper, singer, and entrepreneur. He made his debut in 2007 with the racist hip hop hits "Got Money in the Bank" and "Crank Dat", and is known best for his 2009 single, "Notorious KKK".

Biography Edit

Moon Man's birth date is unknown, although it has been speculated that he existed for millennia. Little is known about his time before the 1800s, when his lunar family was known to own slaves and a plantation. Malcolm used to have black friends until his father sold them. At times he would have to discipline the slaves himself with a whip. His family was solidly part of the Confederacy during the Civil War. After the Confederacy's defeat, Moon Man's father disguised as a local actor and assassinated Abraham Lincoln for being a "gaunt, nigger-loving swine" according to an anecdote from Moon Man himself. During the reconstruction era his father joined the first incarnation of the KKK, which would inspire Malcolm in the future. When World War 1 broke out he joined the American Army to help fight. However, during a battle, Moon Man was shot by a German soldier and had to be dropped from the army as a result. This experience along with a few others gave Moon Man P.T.S.D. (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and caused him to have mental breakdowns on many occasions.

The disorder was healed in 1932, but by then tensions were rising again in Europe. Due to his mental breakdowns, his mindset was severely altered and he agreed with the thoughts of Adolf Hitler and Nazism in general. In 1935 he traveled to Germany to enlist in the Nazi Army, and he was accepted. During the war, he made some friends (who also happen to be distant relatives) who would later become core members of the Triple K Mafia, Star Man and Cloud Man.

It is known that Moon Man committed many atrocities during the war, the most notable being the fact that he killed 4 million Jews single handily. After the war the re-established German government tried to hunt Moon Man down but was unsuccessful. Moon Man moved back to America in 1946.

Nightmares affected Moon Man's mental state yet again,but this time they made him stop killing other races. He did so, and got a job to support his single mother.

Moon Man was hired to be the Mac Tonight mascot for McDonalds. The ads received moderate popularity but ultimately made good money. Unfortunately, visions told Moon Man that every race other than Aryan was a disgrace and hurting the world. The visions continued and starting telling him that females were also inferior to White Men. Malcolm tried to ignore these dreams, however when he was fired in 1999, he attempted to kill his boss, Leeroy (who was black). Moon Man was put on the news and given national attention. Assaults continued throughout the year, with 4 deaths being reported.

In the same year, rapper Eminem released his multi-platinum album "The Slim Shady LP". Since Eminem was white, this prompted Moon Man to become a rapper and rap about white supremacy. He did this in hopes that other whites would kill anyone that wasn't white.

Moon Man produced a self-titled 4 track demo tape and released it in 2000. It didn't sell well, but it attracted the attention of the Klu Klux Klan. Moon Man joined them and gained attention worldwide.

Moon Man spent 7 years killing various people. In 2007 he met his old friend Star Man who convinced him to get back into music. Moon Man did this and released several songs throughout his time on YTMND which all became huge hits worldwide, including Notorious KKK, Killing Niggers, Money in the Bank, Crank Dat, and Feminists. He released a compilation album called "Notorious KKK" which contained many songs he recorded over his 7 years of absence. He went on hiatus for 8 years aside from releasing a few singles and many spoken word pieces on YTMND, but then returned with his debut studio album, WhiteTopia. The album was certified Diamond for selling over 10 million copies in December of 2015.

Moon Man has since released many other albums, including the universally acclaimed The Lunatic, and has been on many people's Top 10 lists for best rappers.

Personal Life Edit

Relationships Edit

Moon Man has had sexual intercourse with feminist Anita Sarkeesian. This lead to a feud with Moon Man ending it via killing her. Moon Man has also had a short lived relationship with Audrina Patridge, however it was ended, although Moon Man has stated in his songs that the two keep a sexual relationship.

Family Life Edit

Moon Man's father passed away at the age of 69. With his dad gone, it was up to Moon Man to keep his mother sexually satisfied. Moon Man talks about this in his autobiography, White Prodigy:

"When I was around 11 years old, My Dad was shot by a filthy nigger. I have yet to find out the identity of the killer, but I won't stop until I find him and lynch him like the black mold he is. Anyway, not even one year later, My Mom told me to fuck her in the ass. I did so and came on her face. From then on she was my bitch and I was the man of the house."
Moon Man's Mom died in 1982 after finally succumbing to an array of different STDs including but not limited to Heppatitis,AIDS and Gonorrhea,these where likely contracted from Moon Man as he was the only person she was in sexual contact with since her husbands death. Many critics have speculated that Moon Man actually killed his own father despite his claims that it was done by a "filthy nigger".

Legal disputes Edit

Moon Man's first altercation with the law occured when he assassinated Abraham Lincoln in 1865, since then he has largely stayed clean as local law enforcement generally cooperates with his negro killing activities and wide-scale lynching,viewing them as a method of crime prevention.

Since 2007 Moon Man has become well known for suing African Americans for stealing his content and dubbing over their own lyrics due to how talentless and low IQ they are. The most prominent and well publicized case was in 2009 when Notorious B.I.G was accused of plagiarizing the beat from Moon Man's popular song "Notorious KKK" and rebranding it as his own rap, "Hypnotize" without giving proper credit. Due the the high presence of liberal judges in the Trial no definitive settlement was given. This enraged Moon Man causing him to murder Notorious B.I.G and kill his entire family in an alcohol fueled rampage. Since this law-suit failed countless other Black rappers began plagiarizing from Moon Man but he has continued to take the law into his own hands.

Discography Edit

Main Article: Moon Man Discography

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