"Shame on the Niggers" is a Moon Man single produced by iSilhouetteXx. It's a parody of "Shame on a Nigga" by the Wu-Tang Clan. It appears on Great White.

Lyrics Edit

Shame on a nigger for being a fucking gorilla-looking watermelon-sucking spearchucking monkey fucker

Your faces are so deformed you look like Mark Zuckerberga

If you think you can beat the Triple K Mafia

Go ahead, step up, and I'll stick you in a quassia

You guys can't even speak English anymore

With your ghetto-ass fucking terminology

We're coming for you, so get ready to say farewell, oh well

The females of your race are whore galore yet they're too ugly for anyone to want to fuck; isn't it unfortunate?

No, it isn't, because you guys deserve to be sad and treated as a lesser being

Because you're slurring disgusting ape-looking cotton-pickers

Thought you could ban Moon Man but you cannot step up to me

Because am the Man

I won't think twice to put this barrel straight down your fucking throat

Then put your body in a boat, Totes McGoats, that's my quote

I'll sail off to sea

Just wait and see

And throw your body in, and watch it float for a bit

Before it sinks to the bottom

I'll devote my time to demote your race

And promote the superior White master race

You'll be at the bottom of the pecking order, where you belong

New World Order

Stop trying to cross the border

Do you guys have a fucking mental disorder?

We'll build a wall, and torture you while you squall

Your squalls are music to the Triple K Mafia's ears

KKK for life

Hope you enjoyed and appreciated this dank little freestyle I decided to drop for y'all

Rate 5 you fuckers

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