World's Shortest Moon Man Album is an extremely short Moon Man EP released in September 2015. It came out a few weeks before The Star, the Cloud, and the Moon as part of a promotional campaign. It was also later released as a track on The Ultimate Collection - Part 2: Grand Finale. It consists of a single 14-second track that itself is divided by silences into three separate parts: a command, a question, and a joke. There is little to distinguish the album other than the fact that it is the world's shortest Moon Man album. It is also the only power electronics Moon Man album.

Lyrics Edit

[Part I, The Solution]

Ship those niggers back to Africa.

[Part II, Black Lives Matter]

Since when?

[Part III, A Joke]

Do you know why niggers and oven-magnets have large nostrils?

Because air is free.

Download Edit

World's Shortest Moon Man Album

Trivia Edit

• The second part of the single track on the album features Napalm Death's "You Suffer" playing in the background. "You Suffer" holds the Guiness World Record for shortest song ever at 1.316 seconds long.

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